SIEGE.... yes please.

Did any siege players live to see the new life of T2? (Cobra INC For those that might remember)... I have been keeping a watchful eye on the pond, despite it's "classic" nature, and I have seen little or no activity. Which is a shame for certain, I do hate CTF... and I hate classic... but there's nothing I hate more then CTF on classic, the problem being... My love for T2 offsets My hate of where I have to go to get that fix. (Would love to see a V2 siege server, but that's a wish for another night) Right now I just wanted to know, how many siegers persist out there... I have seen a few old faces I remember from pond pubbing, but not many.. then again many may have new titles... Myself included (though technically Severeign was always the account name, but apparently with the rebirth it is my login, and warrior name!)


  • (Would love to see a V2 siege server, but that's a wish for another night)
    Wish denied. Forever.

    Anyway, we tried to do a Siege Revival a few weeks ago but Celios eventually got bored with it and played the sympathy card by making up stories about falling asleep with the oven on to cover his tracks. Now the pond is used for the TR2 Revival instead. Those guys only need 6 to have a good game, unlike Siege which needs at least 20 to even count as a worthwhile game.
  • Heyyyyy and there's an old face now! Why am I not surprised that this is all Celios' fault. Those RDS guys were always a pain in the ass! :o
    Say what you will... Shifter... you cannot crush My dreams of Version2 siege! I'll play with Myself if I have to... *ahem*.
    Well screw Celios, Cobra is back and he's interested in getting His siege on so... Anyone that is willing to participate in another doomed to fail revival of siege, POST HERE. (Don't start any more siege threads. I started it, it's Mine... piss off!)
    You guys heard Shifter, we need at least 20, don't be a buncha flag whorin panzies (no offense to you flag whoring panzies) V-A-O!
  • MODs, why won't they dide.
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    I want to play siege too , i play with lagg allot's bots now since there are no siege players anywhere....but i don't like version 2 .

    I want to play base or classic siege , it doesn't bother me very much ...


    Agreed. And something with Lagg's bots, too, in case there's not enough people.

    On a slightly unrelated note, has anyone considered trying to make Scarabre a siege map? It'd be interesting to see how the offense plans its attacks when it actually has to survive more than three seconds. And how the defense uses its vehicles if they can't take the vehicles more than 500m from the base...

    Hang on, I'm gonna write this down...
  • We had 2 siege Pick Ups this week. On Wednesday and Friday night with about 8vs8 (on a 16 limit server). We were all on separate teamspeak channels and had a blast.

    Last night (Saturday) at about 1am we managed to get some 3vs3 action going and had a lot of fun also.

    BubbleTrout and myself just got admin on the Pond server which can handle more than 16 players and we will be holding any further PU games there.

    Keep an eye out in channel #lastgasp.

    Siege rocks!
  • I might be hosting a tournament sometime, i already port forwarded tribes 2, if you guys want i could make it siege! although i dont think its fit for tournament mode :P...
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