Comp Help plz?

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ 3.1GHz (isn't made anymore)
6 GBs of DDR2-800 (2x 2gb 2x 1gb)
ATI Radeon HD 5700
160GB Sata HD, 160GB IDE, 320GB IDE
Floppy Drive
Sata DVD/CD-RW, IDE DVD-Rom CD-RW (Not hooked up, just filling space)
PC Power and Cooling 610 watt Power Supply
Vista Home Premium
Gladiator Case (Black) w/ Red Light Effects
Custom White Paint inside case

Is that a good computer? Might buy it off my cousin for 600?


  • Idk shit about computers so yeah... I cant tell if its good or not? What would be the "normal" price range for a computer of that calibur.
  • To be honest you can buy a more powerful computer at that price.

    That computer's good as long as you're more of a casual user who doesn't need a powerful workstation or plan to play the latest games on high settings. I wouldn't pay $600 for it though.
  • Topic maker, there are some good parts in that computer, at least. Case seems to be very good (I assume it's Cooler Master Gladiator 600).

    A quite good operating system.

    A very good power supply unit.

    Good hard disk and optical drives (apparently).

    Two gigabytes of memory is enough for even new, good games.

    A high-quality motherboard.

    If you choose to buy that computer, the main things to do seem to be to buy a better graphics card and to buy some 45 watt processor [that one is rated for 125 watts (!)].
  • Hi!
    Lets take some time to review the processing and rendering requirements for T2, shall we?

    When T2 was written, most folks had less than 650MHz cpu, and a Nvidia TNT2 vid card, or even lower specs. They were lucky to have more than 128 megs of system ram. Also, most all were on dialup.

    So here we have the specs that most players had at the time. But T2 was written with DX8 in mind, in particular the programmable shaders and other neat stuff like bump maps and so on. The GF3 card by Nvidia seems to be the target card T2 was written to, but many others were accounted for by the game writers. The programmable shaders in the game were employed to make the reflections you see on armour and on various polished surfaces seen in the game. Without programmable shaders you can't have these shiny bits. But GG knew that most folks did not have a DX8 class video card, and thusly GG even made the game so folks with 3DfX voodoo cards could play tolerably.

    So what I am getting at is if you have a system that is more powerfull than a 1GHz cpu, a GF3 vid card, enough ram to play the game, to simply be able to play you don't need anything better. But if you have a lcd that has a huge resolution, like 1900x1600, a huge vid card can ensure that your minimum fps is better than if you had a less powerfull card. And that is a good thing.
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