Atlanta area T2 players: T2 LAN PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok so who is in the Atlanta area or within a reasonable driving distance?
Ok so who is also up for free beer and pizza* and a T2 lan party?
Ok so lets see how many players there are who would be willing to participate?
This is just a feeler to see what interest there is in an Atlanta lan.
Pester legendary T2 player Carpenter if you would like to see this come about.
Who knows, you may even meet your future spouse at the T2 LAN!

LOL Carpy!
just trying to help bro!

fine print:
*There may be a small fee for pizza and beer, must be of legal age to imbibe alcoholic drinks

Bring your own system, kb, meece, monitor, cheats

any injuries and/or loss of data or hardware are not the responsibility of Atlanta T2 LAN PARTY or its associates


  • LapLANta

    Come on guys, I know theres a bunch of guys in Tenn. and Fla. too so...

    My brother owns a pizza place and theres an empty space next to it that I could get for a weekend for a modest fee or trade it out in construction repairs.

    I have a projector and we could set up T2TV and run the show next door.

    Of course we would need an M.C. ( Grifter where are you? )

    The best lans ever had no more than 15-20 people

    besides, its Atlanta

    k so, thanks Blak, so you said your server will handle 40 players?
    thats more than we'll need but sounds good.


    p.s. I'm in for 4 chairs... 8)
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