EUROPEANS AND CO : Classic/Base Mixed Sunday 19th September @ 21H CET


There is a eu base or classic mixed 10v10 (maybe more) organised this sunday 19th september @ 21h CET (which is around 15:00 EST for yankies).

- Drop by irc @ ( to let me know if you can make it or not
- You can tell me via ingame (my nick : aragorn)
- Or by replying this thread.

I'll check around friday/saturday if there are enough players interested to play, if not i'll just cancel it and will probably switch to 7v7 cluster or nothing.

Download the mappacks there : (all except the TR2 ones preferably).

And yes yankies, you are welcome to join us.

Maps ideas are welcome.

(Maybe if Shadow accepts


  • On the Zorn Circus Maximus server? If yes then I can join, however if it's a server I can't access with the TribesNext patch alone, then it propably won't be worth the effort.
  • Good try to join up a bit before the mixed so it can attract some players to join the mix too.

    All the servers can be joined with TribesNext, so you have no problem. DT isn't useful anymore.
  • I'll be late a bit, sorry.
  • Well, we only had about 6 people show up anyway and there was no classic server available :v
  • No, classic server was avalible, but Akira screwed it :P I wanted to vote NO, when we was voting him admin. I knew he gonna break something.
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