Separate Energybar, Healthbar and Compass.

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How do I separate the healtbar, energybar and compass into 3 individual pieces? I would like to move them around separately on my HUD (with LabRat)

I saw that Kryand had that done in hes "How to Cap" video.


  • I've sent Kryand a message on YouTube, and haven't heard back from him. I'd also like to know.
  • Hi!

    I found this on tribaloutpost, and I think it may be what you're looking for (though I haven't tried it). Also, you should try out HUDmanager. It's based off of HUDmover (which I'm assuming is what you're using), but imho is much nicer.

    Description of the t1look script: "Creates independant, hudMover compatible Compass and life/energy bars"
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    Great, it works fine. Thanks.
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