The golden age of 3d acceleration:

oh for a 3dfx 5500 running t1 under glide


  • i will always remember my voodoo 3 3000 card. loved that thing. i remember installing it with my OC'd celeron 300a (to a blazing 450MHz) and launching t1. it was a great night!
  • indeed those were the days my brutha
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  • shame, keep trying and youll get in, great site, he has some rare and not so rare parts to display along with advertising propaganda materials

    think ive a 3dfx 3000 laying around, and a i741 real3d board, mebbe someday ill do a retro t1 box and run it under glide
  • i always wanted to do a SLI setup with some 3dfx cards, but then they released the Banshee. Yep, i endued up going that route and spending the price of the other video card on more RAM, doubling my 32MB to a whopping 64MB! woohoo!
  • those were the days back when ram was the costly limitation

    i miss the late 90s early 2ks, the golden age of pc games, most of wich were hand crafted goodness, like the gems we love that came from Dynamix
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