Siege Pickup, Wed Dec 29, 10pm EST

Bubble Trout and I will be hosting another siege pick up on Wednesday.

When - Wed Dec 29, 10pm EST
Where - The Pond

Make sure you download teamspeak 3 because using a mic means much better organisation which in turn means much more fun. Each team in the pickup will be using its own channel.

Teamspeak 3 Channel info...
Port = 9987
pass = synorth

Make sure you please download the dynamix final map from one of the following links...

Just rename the extension to .vl2, and drop in your Base folder. I think you need to register a TWL account to download from the site.

The siege gametype involves taking down enemy assets (usually generators) in order to gain access to a switch. There are generally two rounds, one team defends while the other attacks. The winner is the team which is able to capture the switch in the shortest amount of time.

1. Download Tribes 2 at
2. Jump on Teamspeak.
3. Have a blast.
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