TR2 Jumpstart Tutorials

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Hello I have seen lots of new people playing TR2 and updated my really old Quickstart tutorials in .rec form and made them much better then uploaded them to the youtubes.

e: woops encoding problem

i'll put vid 3 back up after i fix it

More videos will be released soon!

If you want to play join #lofty for cool fun times

Here are the maps and some other essential scripts, none of which will interfere with CTF stuff

There's also an .exe version that will let you select scripts individually and fix the sound bug.

There is exciting TR2 news coming soon so look to the skies



  • Ok juke, I liked your videos as they were fun and informative. Great work.

    What is the objective in TR2?
    Where can I download the mod?
    Are you American?
    When can I play TR2 with you?
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