TR2 Draft Tournament

Hello friends. I know you are all bored of Starcraft 2 or Freecell or whatever you're playing now, but wait! The Team Rabbit 2 Draft Tournament is here!

This is your last chance to play the mod that redefined Tribes, turning it into a beautiful mix of chaotic flag scrambles, flying faster and higher than you ever thought possible, map-long passes zipping through the sky, and gritty battles around the goals. This is your last chance to try Team Rabbit 2 before Ascend is released and we are all noobs again.

If you're new to TR2 there's been work on a tutorial series 'Jumpstart' that will be updated until the date of the draft and probably beyond. It will teach you the basics, so you can hop in a server and get started on your own.

If you don't have T2 you can dl it at TribesNext | Tribes 2 Online Multiplayer

If you've never played TR2 you'll want the TR2 Patch to fix your sounds, install maps, and choose from a list of essential scripts

We'd also like to have you in #lofty our official tourny channel for chat, pickups, and friendly advice.

The tentative date for the draft is Sunday May 8th, and signups will close May 5th.

The tournament format will depend on the number of signups, but we're expecting it to last 7-9 weeks after the draft, going through the summer.

The format will be 3v3 (with 2v2 or 4v4 acceptable if captains agree before the match) and one timers only.

SIGN UP HERE!!! pw is 'teamme' TWL: TR2 Signups


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  • bump to fight the derms
  • new tr2 stuff for you

    Frag Video "Angels"

    Old Match in First Person

    New Jumpstart Tutorials

  • draft casted live tonight ~10:30 EST
  • Two matches will be casted tonight, starting at 9:30 EST

    Blight's Heroes - |hero (Sambuca) vs Tasty Plus Two - is tasty (EFX) followed by

    NBA JAM SESSION!!! - shakalaka (HotRodRe) vs Lofty Expectations - Air (TTHREAZ) joined in progress
  • slight delay - matches start at 10 est
  • tthreaz vs hotrodre is now live
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    TribesNetwork cast TONIGHT at 5/29 @ 10 EST

    Featured match:

    Lofty Expectations (TTHREAZ) (3-0) look to build on their previous game using the grids and a keep-away possession style with high passes and few beacons to combat the new CTF players of Roid Rage (GoHeels) (0-0) who promise to show us "the new way to play" with innovations like QFire and G4/G5 setups and very conservative passing. Sol's Descent and Stripmine, maps 1 and 3 respectively, will likely favor a better passing team. But all three maps have low goals which may favor the new tactics of Roid Rage.

    Joined in progress (if possible):

    Blight's Heroes (Sambuca) (2-1) look to improve facing their namesake Blight and his team NBA JAM SESSION (HotRodRe) (0-3) as they will likely struggle again without their first round pick Ren. NBA Jam will have to rely on new players from CTF such as Fettuccine and Jelly Burgerz and rebound against a tough, experienced team led by one of the best players of the mid-era of TR2. Jam may have some luck on Drifter, as Blight's Heroes fell on the smaller more deathmatch heavy Final last week to Tasty Plus Two, but any success will rely on improvement from the roster, top to bottom.
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    Game will begin shortly

    e: cast is up, game is still delayed
  • It's been a while since I casted but there is a game coming up shortly in this FINAL week of group play. These matches will be very important for some to determine seeding, and moreso as it will trim out two teams before double elimination starts.

    Test stream / pregame at
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