UE on startup

I just installed the unpatched version and then patched it with the RC2 patch from here. I then proceeded to start it and received an UE. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it did the same thing. Help!

address: 00000000


  • This is typically a graphics driver error. You can check the FAQ entry here for a few solutions.
  • I just started having the same problem today :'( I think it is being caused by a Windows update I installed this morning because everything was working fine last night when I was playing. I've tried uninstalling the updates. Still getting the UE's shortly after starting the game. I can't join a server because it UE's before I can get to one. I'm running Windows 7x64 Professional. Graphic drivers up-to-date. I tried creating a new install of Tribes but when I apply the TribesNext patch and try to start the game it says it is not a valid Windows program. Help! I'm too young still to live without Tribes.
  • If you are able to start the game, it is unlikely that the problem is a graphics driver problem, though if it is an ATI/AMD card, you should make sure Catalyst AI and Adaptive Anti-Aliasing are disabled in your 3D settings to avoid issues. Try a reinstall without third-party scripts and make sure whatever security software you have isn't blocking network connections from the game.

    For the valid application error, please refer to the FAQ entry here.
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