Tribes Ascend at Quakecon

I'm going to Quakecon to try out TAscend. Admission is free. Can try it before we buy, anyone care to join me 8/4 & 8/5. Plus be a good chance to give HI-Rez some feedback.



  • Kryand had a list of things to look for, but I can't find it.
  • Yeah here it is:

    1. Another game.
  • I know Tex is gonna be there too, supposed to send back some shots.
  • I'll post some thoughts after the event. I think the main thing is giving feedback to the dudes makin the thing. They are all suppose to be there.
  • heh figured TEX would be there looking forward to some feedback on it and some screens
  • Ok, here is my take on the new Tribes game. Got to play it for about an hour earlier today.
    Besides the freebees and cool Tribes T-Shirts they gave us, the game is pretty good overall. Way better than Vengeance for sure anything would be. Here are a few notes.

    Weapons: Reload, feel, and look is just like "Call of Duty" even the pistol and the hands in view.
    There should be no pistol in Tribes. Some newer weapons overall very well done. Was able to mid-air some dudes a couple of times so its easy to judge distances like T2
    Chaingun is turned way down (awesome) Shocklance is gone (sad), Grenade launcher is back. Missle launcher is back and better!! Mortar is same, Sniper is awesome, Spinfuzer of course.

    Game Play: Very smooth, good game engine. Classic guys will like it, I prefer V2 quickness.
    They based this game on T2 so there are alot of similarities. Vehicles are the same just updated better. Turrets and remote turrets pretty challenging, overall nicely updated
    Base layouts same we all recognize but much more detailed. Katabatic will be in it.

    Graphics: Are awesome nice details, I asked if we could play the PC version of this game without us all having to buy new PC's. Answer was we need dual core processors at a min. Of course a juiced G card.

    Overall I was very pleased with it, Staff was real open to opinions I gave them several. I think most folks will like it. Since Vengeance was such a disapointment.

    Interested in what anyone else thought that was able to go.

  • Thanks Ravin, something positive and ... encouraging about it finally.
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    Classic guys will like it, I prefer V2 quickness.
    Are you saying you're bad at maintaining speed or that you can't even get the speed?
    Katabatic will be in it.
    Time to look for a new game.
  • The feel of it is same as classic. Maybe a little faster T2 overall. speed is hitting the right angles you can get speed going.
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    Thanks. This is important information to spread around.

    BTW, did you try out the heavy?
  • man I wish I made quakecon this year alot good games there thanks for the info did you get any pictures?
  • BTW, did you try out the heavy?

    No I didnt try the heavy, Battled some guys that did they were moving pretty good.

    Did not get any pic's =( it was dark in there, no lights on, it was all about the games.
  • Were people playing Tribes positions?
    * Like light defense, heavy offense, etc?

    If so, how did they play with the 2 weapon loadouts?
  • Were people playing Tribes positions?
    * Like light defense, heavy offense, etc?

    Na, most peeps did not know the game, They had 16 stations with 4 of the developers playing with us. They were good; killin cappers and in shrikes and gravs.

    If so, how did they play with the 2 weapon loadouts?

    Everyone was tryin different loadouts mostly spinfuzers
  • Awesome job robertom, good video from QuakeCon.
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    ravin didnt you and your brother do some maps back in the day I remember playing some and I recall they where quite good.

    also nice video there!!
  • My favorite part of that video was when the gravcycle rammed the other guy in mid-field.


    And, while I am on the subject of gravcycles, it seems they made them easier to control. As I recall, Gravcycles were the hardest of all the vehicles to control in T2. Looking at the video, it seemed they are easier to maneuver now.
  • what??? grav cycles were by far the easiest things to use in the game hitting a moving target with jet packs aint so easy,but like you said fun as hell the grav where however easy to damage.Doing tricks on them like jumping mpbs and playing chicken was a plus.
  • shrike OP, the thing never even blows up ;l
  • So heavies move as fast as in classic? The spam will be familiar at least.
  • Is it just me, or the shrike really had that ominous T:V feeling? Something just wasn't right with that shrike... it didn't have that... I dunno... floating, or swimming(?) kind of feeling as in T2. Also, from the video doesn't show whether the map is caged or not infinite, which has a huge impact on vehicle play. :-\
  • jumping from a shrike is definitely V2-style
  • i just hope that they don't kill the "team combat on an epic scale" feeling with that
    free to play thing. because imho this was what made tribes at least as much as all the "freedom of movement" thing. that's why i played t2 and t:v as well. i liked t2 much more then t:v yes, but it's a pity that if its about multiplayer/teamplay even t:v is still better then all the crap these days.
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