No Servers issue

I just moved into my dorm room, and I'm having problems..

I can log into Tribes 2
I can the view scripts tab and the game tab all that good stuff.
I try to view servers and it says it is pinging x amount of servers.
Nothing shows up...
I click refresh...No Servers Found

[i just played t2 last night at my aunts house and I haven't changed any of my settings.]

Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    I assume by "pinging x amount of servers" you mean an x that's greater than zero.

    If you bring down the console, do you see messages along the lines of "Pinging server ###.###.###.###:##### (#)" with the last number counting down from 3 to 0, followed by a timeout?

    If you do not see ping attempts in the console, this means that the game is unable to download the server list.

    If you see the ping attempts in the console, this means that you game was successful in downloading the list of servers from the TribesNext master list server system. This indicates that your dorm network is blocking UDP packets to the individual game servers.

    You may need to make up a business related reason as to why you need unrestricted UDP access to the people managing the dorm network (e.g. you have an internship that requires using an OpenVPN concentrator that's on a dynamic IP, plus non-standard port, and if you can't telecommute you'll be fired). They're unlikely to be receptive to reasons like "I want to play my favorite video game".
  • FIXED - i had to download some campus cisco software. Thank you for the response though.
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