TWL2 download??? PLEASE HELP!

I've looked everywhere and I can't find anyone that's fully explained how to download the TWL2 map packs. It might seem like a stupid question, but I really need help. I can't play Tribes 2 without these map packs and the only thing I've read is that you have to put the (extracted??) file in the GameData/base folder of the Tribes 2 install directory but I have no idea where I'd find that or if I create it myself...please help :( thanks.



    instructions for it, was searching for TWL2 instead of map'd probably be better if someone specifically used TWL2 in the post to make it easier to find so people aren't confused since I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem
  • oooookay nevermind, the instructions didn't work, the game still won't work.
    Good Haven is playing TWL2-Ocular and only 6 people are playing...

    I got this message: Unable to load interior: btowr_cobl.dif

    I mean honestly, all this TWL and TWL2 bull is getting old and it's no wonder people give up on playing
    I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks.
  • "Once we move over to v2.0 for the rotation, redownloading the whole pack will be mandatory. However, be warned: Crevice (which is in competitive rotation) will stop working for you if the server you're on is running v1.3! I'm thinking we should wait a week or so to make sure I haven't missed any bugs and then switch over. So, until then, unless you want to test the new maps, stick with v1.3!"

    I read this on the twl forums, old post, but could the case. Maybe youre running v2.0 and Goon Haven is on 1.3 or vice versa. If there were only 6 people playing though it could just be a glitched map that needs to be removed from their rotation.. idk tho
  • Hmmm...I got the same error message a few days ago kittikat, and I have both the TWL mappacks. I didn't recall seeing the map before and wanted to take a look at it and it was on the "second" Goon Haven server (the one with the ip that starts with Have you tried joining the other GH server?
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