Tribes: Ascend Delayed Until Next Year; Closed Beta Nears

I just read this news post at

Hi-Rez Studios announces they plan to kick off closed beta testing of Tribes: Ascend
within the next few weeks, though there's no specific date for the testing of their upcoming
multiplayer shooter revival. They say they will hand-select thousands of testers from those who
register on the Tribes: Ascend Website.
This news also reveals a delay, as the game was announced for release later this year,
but now word is: "Hi-Rez Studios will continue to increase the number of beta participants
through the end of this year in preparation for a general game release in Q1 of 2012."

Here are a pair of new screenshots,
and here's word on testing: "During this initial beta phase, Tribes: Ascend players will
experience 4 multiplayer maps, 2 game-modes and 3 vehicles as they progress thru 12
playable classes in fast-paced, high-flying online multiplayer matches of up to 32 people."
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