T2 Movie "Out of Time" (also asking for recs)

Oh hi.

Totally over the top, yeah. Tribes is serious business. Or I like editing. Or both
I actually regret rushing this trailer now.. I gave myself only one day and shouldve slept over it. I hope you can overlook that, won't happen again. Dont judge mee

Some may remember me. I'm the guy always asking for recs. Making a.. fragmovie basically. I wanted it to be something more with 3d animations backing it up.. But thats a separate project now as a HD crash fucked some things up, and the timing would be now or never ofc.
Soo I would like to have as many players in this movie as possible. I have a big part already edited, release would be.. depends. Max 2 months (oh noes, jinxing it) I guess

Uh, yeah. Anyone interested can contact me in whatever way he sees fit (idling in #lastgasp, etc)
Around 4 recs max per person (kind of unfair as some current players have more scenes in the movie than that, but I dont have unlimited time to capture every scene (1 takes about 5 minutes)). Depends on how many players join in ofc
I'll take anything from your classic MA to caps to biggest blooper ever, as long as the scene is reasonably short

Every player can choose his weaponskins and gets his name displayed while his scene is playing

Lastly a quick list of players with one or more scenes (with permission. Even though you perhaps forgot)

Dragon of Death
Sir Culprit
St Johnny

One or two guys missing here, but you get the point. A lot of euros, I would like to change that

What else.. the scenes used in this trailer wont be in the movie, except one or two
I dont plan on overediting, want to keep it kind of pure, as seen in the trailer. No flashy shine/lensflare/supercontrast stuff. Damn, just ask questions if there are any, thats easier

Theres some pretty unique stuff in this thing already.. would be awesome to have more
Also dont worry if your shots arent that good, what counts is partici.. pation? Yeah.

Ohh, theres still an issue. I dont have a good host solution. Public platforms are a no go. With the kind of music I use its going to be put down faster then.. something that gets put down fast. I'm so good with words
A solution with a viewcount would be nice. In the end there are torrents and whatnot, yeah, but.. well, if anyone knows any other way..

I'm tired and not a native speaker, sorry for sounding rude (or not, you know.. Tribes player and all)


  • PS: Eternal fame and glory for the person to bring me one of Tyth's recs :D
  • youre doing a great job as usual. the only thing that bothers me a bit about tribes fragmovies is that its all flagplay, if i remember t2 i also want to think back to the intense indoor combat.

    all the HO scenes i can recall, revolve around mortaring cappers, kind of a shame when you think that it can really display the game's carnage.
  • Getting close. Still taking recs for like 10 days, release should be in ~2 weeks :)

    Also wheres my rec of Tyth? :D
  • Apparently I like to talk to myself :) So, uh.. I would say that this weekend is the last chance to send me some recs, latest on monday (in case of having a RL (lol)). Movie will be released sometime next week, depending on how smooth the last steps go

  • So.. here it is. The thing I had in mind for years. Well, I had in mind to have a lot of animations in it, but that will be another project. This is a.. skillmovie I guess. Not purely though, as I wanted to have many players in it, so not every scene is top notch.
    Its also not as polished as I would have liked. I wanted to change some things, replace shots with better ones, include some players that came too late. (I feel terrible, and I'm sorry :/)
    I had in mind to put a lot of effects in it. But then.. for this long of a movie it would be too much. Besides color correction there arent any effects. I like that its kind of "pure". I still wouldve liked to edit like everyone does nowadays
    Well, in the end I had to rush it, something I didnt want to. But I got this really important job and want to concentrate on that.
    My motive was to entertain you guys, simple as that. I hope you can overlook the weak parts and enjoy it :)
    Will encode a 1gb version overnight to be downloaded through MU. Dont know how long it will be up on YT
  • Very good job, not enough bomber shots that would've looked awesome but who cares eh. Wish I could've helped out but I only found out recently. Well Tribes Ascend is now in closed beta, so people who pre-ordered or got invitations are playing now, and I'm sure that many of the old T2 players are on there now getting air disc and spamming voice binds and all that good stuff that we know and love Tribes for.
  • Nice movie! Shadow you have done it once again! Really lovely tribute :)
    Good luck with your job!
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