need help

well firstly i want to say thank you to everyone who made this possible i am a huge fan of tribes. i started playing on t:v but stopped due to the fact that it was boring as hell. then a few days ago i found this site and immediately downloaded this game and it is amazing. now what i need help with is just some tips on how to get kills lol im already good at skiing but im lucky to get even 1 kill in a game and i get at least 1 cap in a game so im wondering if anyone has some tips for me.

thanks :)


  • Jump on Teamspeak.

    Download it here.
  • i don't have a mic though
  • You could still listen.

    Joining IRC helps too.

  • Yo I'm rJay. Nice to meet ya. I'm 8 months new to T2. It has taken me a while to get anywhere. Just be calm, ingore the trolls, and you'll be fine. When ppl say you suck, take it lightly. Also, if you ever are wronged, and someone teamkills you, gets mad at you, etc. (watch out for the player named Penis just ingore him) and votes to kick you or starts spreading bad crap about you, just play your best and be a player that no one would think would do anything like he says your doing. Be nice to everyone. Never get mad. I cannot say that enough. It will keep you out of trouble. If he starts tking over and over, say a few non-bad things, and wait for ppl to notice. Then vote-kick him/her.

    As for gameplay, you have to kinda learn by playing alot and by reading. I've read for hours about tribes. I would say to try all 5 training missions first. When you win them, get on Goon Haven and rock. You'll learn with time. Try changing settings like mouse sens etc. Practice flying often. Even if you don't like it, it's good to know all skills. Good luck and I'll see ya later!

    Oh yeah, I won't be able to be on for a week. Going camping starting on the 7th, and ending on the 14th. So, ask me anything, shoot me a message, or reply here. I'll get back to it asap.
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