Custom voices for voicechat - who hears them?


if I were to replace the original voicepack of, let's say, the bot voice on my computer with my custom creations, would other players hear my version of the voice - or the one they have on their computers?
I also noticed that the basic bot voicepack is missing 3 sounds (woohoo, help and my fault), so if I made the 3 missing voices and put them in the respective directory - well, my question again is, would other players hear it if they did not have the files I had?

thanks for your wise council in advance..


  • They would hear theirs, and no.
  • However, if you were to create the missing voices, and pack them in a .vl2 or .zip file and post the link, whoever downloaded it would hear the same. It's called a voice pack. :)
  • The strange thing is how I hear sounds in game sometimes that I surely did not installed. (voicespam?) how does that work then?
  • The woman and dude and music and animal sounds? That's from Team Rabbit 2, and/or the Tribes 2 training missions. That's why you hear them. Or environment sounds.
  • Very helpful, thank you :)
  • +1 rJay.

    There are tons of extra sounds in the base game that aren't called by any normal process (firing a weapon or deploying an object for example). The normal audio you'll find that's used in-game is in /gamedata/base/audio.vl2 but the others are in TR2final_093-extras.vl2 and TR2final_105-client.vl2.

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