Tribes 1 resources

The above has links to a vista/7/8 playable exe and other goodies for all your t1 needs. T1 is based on Darkstar, wich is what Torque came from so there are a lot of similarities between t1 and t2 under the hood. Don't get your hopes up on image quality however, this is a game from 1998 that punished video cards more for the sheer square kilometers of visible terrain than detailed models. There are t2 and t:v model replacements for t1 out there so all is not lost but some of them are buggy. Also, t1 is where skiing was born as a exploit of the jump bind, as well as where happy mod got started because In t1 there's no real skiing or perma iff for the flags. Also, there are a few servers that are actually populated, the highest density seems to prefer annihilation mod wich is kinda like a crazy shifter, the next in order would be LT mod wich means light armor, disk, gl, cg and epack ctf only - no invos or vehicles. There's also a few rpg t1 servers hanging on to get your rpg fix old skool. Also I am going to go out on a limb here and say hm or the dll hacks that allow seeing every player on the map at all times is far more than prevalent. However, unlike t2, there is an effevtive serverside anticheat for t1 that nerfs hm and the dll hacks. Few run it in their servers as that would alienate much of their client base, sadly. But it's still fun on ocassion.


  • How many average players/day does tribes 1 have in comparison to tribes 2?
  • Actually about the same. Picks up in the afternoons US time.
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