Tribes 2 Pickup - July 13th 2014 at 8pm US CST

Tribes 2 Classic Pickup

Sunday July 13th at 8pm US Central Standard Time

Pickup Server - Boot's Pickup
Server IP -

Mumbler Server Port - 64758

I will pick two captains at 8pm and will immediately set Tournament Mode and the captains will pick the teams. Once the teams are picked we will start playing. Players who come late will be added during the game as time permits.


  • count me in JBT 8)
  • thanks JBT, was fun stuff and I may have cheated some for inferno lost game, by adding wingwarrior on it's side, when we were down by 2 caps and up by 2 players and around 10 minutes or less left... was more out to have nice good game with close finish and not get capped out on and go home early, storm was still keeping up us on our toes with the HoF and actually though it was going to end a 620- 618 inferno , close tie, and we got that last second cap in...admitted teams were stack is all, as I noticed a few on storm mention it and don't want any hurt feelings! :-*

    Anyways, look forward to next one and thanks again!
  • Yes it worked out well. I am going to try and get these happening every two weeks at least. Maybe offset the night so more people can attend. A Sunday and then a Friday perhaps.
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