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Search your old HDDs for T1 and T2 match demos!

Nasty Hobbit and Colonel Blair are busy converting key matches from .rec to
youtube and MP4 videos.

Games like the 6 overtime |iM| vs /X/ for top spot on TWL, or copies of the
Aus v USW games, cos points matter.

Since TWL has shut up shop and gone pay-to-win, even deleting their history
on the Wayback Machine, you are now our only hope for archiving Oceanic
Tribes history on youtube or Hobb's Tribes Movies site.

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  • edited October 2014
    I have been in contact with TWL admins and with Nasty Hobbit have managed to download 85gb worth of their demo recordings across all their games.

    There's just under 10,000 T2 recordings which are currently hosted here by Nasty Hobbit:

    This includes demos from all Tribes related ladders (so TR2, etc should all be there)

    We're hoping to get a bit more info from the TWL admins in regards to identifying these demos, at the moment we're able to identify a demo related to a team and then using the TLLLinkID to match up all demos from someone in that team. It'll be a slow process having to do it this way, but as I said, hopefully we'll get something more from the TWL guys so all the demos can be identified properly.

    PS All TWL demos (not just T2) can be found unsorted here:
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