Tribes 2 .MAX models?

Seeing how this section is still posted on, I thought I'd ask my question here.

I just recently discovered that Dynamix released the models used in T2 back in 2001 or so.
I have been looking and LOOKING for them, but I simply can not find them. I had seen that they were somewhere in the Shifter site, but It's like the forum side just doesn't work anymore.
I got the MPB model there, but the rest I simply cannot find.

Does anyone here happen to have those files? I'm really wanting the weapons and bases, but I'll take all that I can get.

Thanks in advance, everyone!


  • Awesome! Thanks Krash! :D

    Should've thought of for them, doh. :-\
  • Hm, what version is the exporter for in the mod pack? I have a copy of 3DSMax v3.1 running in a VM from a russian abandonware site, and it loads the .max files fine, but exported meshes seem to UE the client. I don't remember what version I used last time I did this unfortunately, maybe v3.5? Anyone who can pitch in some help would be appreciated!
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    Pretty sure that one will have been built with the Max 3.1 SDK, and the models were made in 3.1, but it's been well over a decade since I had it working, so not sure which I had... It did have a readme with the source back in the day. Might be some insight in there.

    I do remember a couple of us on IRC were testing the earlier exporters from GarageGames for Max 4, Maya, and Milkshape back in ~2002/2003, and they were still directly compatible, so it might be possible to compile or track down a couple other plugin versions from back then if you could track down the app to go with it. Somebody who has touched on exports relatively more recently probably has a better idea of how to approach them.

    Apparently there was also a Blender plugin that could theoretically work here:
  • Here's a link to what t2 related 3dsmax bits I've found so far;
  • I think that 2.5 exporter was set up for SS/T1 models, so might lack changes made to the format for T2, such as how animation sequences are handled. Would be interesting if it still gets the job done though.
  • The 2.5 exporter and stuff that's included in the file seems to be T1 max files and exporter, which aren't bad finds on their own actually. The T2 exporter included is the one I have currently. It may just be a fact that the python exporter will have to be what's used if none of the other export systems are working with T2.
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