Tribes 2 skinning 2020

How do I go about skinning in Tribes 2 now.

I can extract the files with winrar, but my Adobe Photoshop CC2015 with the plugin file is still showing just a transparent image.

Any other software, I remember, with the alpha channel you could devise whats shiny and not...

Anyone please help...


  • Which plugin are you using? The best one to use with Photoshop these days is SuperPNG:

    You'll want to make sure when opening a skin to select "Alpha appears as a separate channel"
  • Thanks so much for the reply, I finally figured it out with the help of some peeps on Discord.

    Thanks again!
  • Hey, it's the newb again

    I just got myself a custom skin that I like. Is there possibly a way to use it during single player/multiplayer ctf tournaments? I've tried a bunch of different things, but I'm still getting stuck with the team skins.
  • You gotta hit the "Show personal skins" toggle under the "Game" tab in your options.

    It's technically possible for servers to override your selection and force team skins only, so you won't necessarily see your custom skins in every case, but I'm not sure anyone is blocking them these days.
  • Great! Thanks
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