Account creation is available again (1:15 PM PST, Jan 4th)

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We're running into some issues with accounts getting corrupted after they are generated. In the interests of maintaining everyone's sanity, I've deactivated the account creation system until this problem is traced as of 11:16 AM, Pacific Standard Time.

Users with existing and non-corrupted accounts will be able to continue logging in and playing normally.

I'll announce here when the issue is resolved, and we are back online.

We're back online. Let me know if there are any issues.


  • I've traced the error to the function that performs encryption of the private exponent. It seems to be corrupting the last 4 bits in the private exponent sequence in some of the accounts.

    I'm doing code analysis of the function right now.
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    I've implemented a patch and I am testing that function with a pile of random data. I'll need Krash to insert that into the patch download distribution.

    I'll have someone in the IRC channel test it against their broken account.

    Yep... it's fixed. Waiting for Krash to come back and insert it into the installer.
  • Hey Thyth? I have a question. How do you do your executables? I have a project that requires an install without any ads. I have Install Creator's unregistered version. It has an advertisement at the end about "Clickteam".
  • I can't get in, I can't get passed the login, I put in the right account name and everything! HEEELP :(
  • Do I have to download something to get Online? Cause I can't get passed the first step >:(
  • Thyth is waiting for Krash to insert it into the installer, account creating is still disabled
  • I can't get in, I can't get passed the login, I put in the right account name and everything! HEEELP :(
    You cannot access the past authenication if thats what you think it CAN do.
    Create an account
    If your using a Dell Latitude D620, I suggest you use RSA-512
    Continue in your ways
  • Same deal here can not get by the login screen. Says server "OFFLINE".

    I downloaded the patch about 3 hours ago. Was the old patch reupdated and in need of being downloaded again? As per the talk in the above posts?
  • I've been informed privately of one other issue that we're tracing now.
  • Looking forward to it being up and getting to play! I can't believe you guys did this! Gonna be great to get back in the game.
  • so is the account creation up yet or is it still gonna take another while?
  • So where do I get my account and password? or do I need to go to the Account creator to get one?
  • you make an account in-game but its temporarily offline...
  • I think I've managed to trace the last remaining issue when performing authentication with servers. It seems to be caused by a limit in the game's networking protocol for transferring blocks of data over 255 characters in size. Certain keys generate (or are prone to generating) challenge exchanges that are larger than this size.

    I know how to fix it, however, fixing this will require some moderate changes to the client and server protocol handlers, and will require redownloading the script for all users. I'll make the necessary changes tomorrow, do some final testing, and get the updated scripts to Krash so he can produce a new installer and vl2 file.

    I'm going to keep account creation offline until that time.

    For those of you who were running into issues where you were able to download your account, but not log in... recent versions of the patch (i.e. early evening) should have resolved those issues. They worked for the two users that reported problems to me via IRC.
  • Hey Thyth, when you have the new script/patch made up will we have to physically remove the remnants of the old patch or will everything be auto updated?

    I know there was a thread showing a few items to remove physically ( when removing the patch) but I'm not sure if other things were added that will also need removal.

    Thanks for all the hard work.
  • I'm pretty sure all the files will still be there, so the new ones will just overwrite the old ones and you'll be good to go.
  • All of my testing accounts are working properly now. They exhibited the entire range of issues that were reported to me.

    I've sent patched files to Krash, and as of 1:15 PM Pacific Standard Time, these fixes are available in the version on the download page. Both servers AND clients must run this latest version, as I had to make a change in one of the network communication steps.

    I've brought authentication back online. Let me know if there are any more problems.

    Locking this thread.
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