Old texture pack?

Someone back in the day made an extremely awesome texture filter pack that filtered all the textures (even custom textures) to give Tribes 2 more of a comic book style look. Unfortunately, I can't find the pack anywhere.

Anyone remember this? Seen it? Know where to download it?


  • Oh man, this I gotta see!
  • Bastard, and here I was all excited that someone knew what I was talking about, or had seen it somewhere!

    I'm going to do some digging when I get on lunch break.
  • LMFAO!


    hehehe! Lemme know if you find it!
  • lol@cellshadedt2
  • cel*

    And cel shading is awesome. Wind Waker was easily one of the most beautiful games on the Gamecube. I love my Celda.
  • Well let me know if you find it. Sounds really cool!
  • It's looking pretty hopeless... As in it may not exist anymore. If I remember correctly, it was posted on planettribes forums by the guy that created it about six years ago. Unfortunately, those forums don't go further back than july of 2005.

    If I knew the name of the pack, that might help. I'm asking in a couple other places too.

    Also, it didn't make T2 cel shaded, although that would be awesome. But it did look cel-shaded, just without the actual cel-shading.
  • na85 mentioned he had a bunch of old maps and skins...
  • Don't know where the pack you're looking for, but if someone is looking for some player skins, we had about 1.2gb of player skins from an old zip up on TC.net, you can check them individually in here: http://xfer1.the-construct.net/tribes2/textures/skins/
    or as the full zip here: http://xfer1.the-construct.net/tribes2/textures/skins.zip
  • I have a bunch of old skins and maps.

    The 4600+ skins I uploaded to Sfphinx@tribaloutpost. Any map worth playing is on tribes2maps.com.
  • Any map worth playing is on tribes2maps.com.

    Unless you're playing construction. :p
  • Here is my contribution to the thread.
  • That actually looks just like something that would've been filtered through the pack. I notice the terrain, turret, and blaster are not though.
  • Any map worth playing is on tribes2maps.com.

    Unless you're playing construction. :p

    flatland is on t2maps.com, isn't it?
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  • I wonder if anyone made more hi-res skins.

  • Holy shit! that's totally it!

    I'm assuming the pack is totally lost, huh?


    Wait a second! I saw that date in the top!


    You sir, are a god among men!
  • I already found those. =P

    You're a dick. Cough it up.

    And I still love you.
  • Spoiler: I didn't find this mythical pack you're talking about, so I edited the textures myself. It's a bit time consuming (takes about an hour to do all the textures I've found so far), but at least most of it is automated, and the resulting vl2 is only about 56MB.
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    Ah... hmm... So it's per texture editing? The pack I had in the past filtered them, so new skins were affected, as well as all the particles.

    It's strange, it did look just like that.


    I'm curious how the guy was able to make Tribes 2 filter everything before it was rendered in game now.
  • I'll try to fill in some gaps here. The texture package was made by Thyroid over at Planettribes. Unfortunately for you, I don't think it's available anymore. He use to be hosted by them, but gamespy shut down his site for inactivity. I couldn't find the pack on fileplanet (where you were required to host downloads).
    I've sent him an IM to see if he's still around (I haven't seen him online in a while). If I get any leads, I'll come back here and post it for you. Who knows, I may have it stashed away somewhere.
  • Cool, thanks.

    I figured it was a long shot since it's been so long, but it was some awesome work. Maybe he could let on a few secrets in case someone wants to do something similar.
  • I look forward to when this will be available for downloading.

    Also it'd be nice to tell us what filters were used so /new/ textures can be added that won't break the look.
  • I think that's the thing people keep misunderstanding about this pack... it's not *just* a texture pack, it used filters that processed any texture being rendered by Tribes 2. You could plug this pack in, download a bunch of skins and install them without touching them, and the file would automatically "toonify" them. Remove the filter pack, and all the textures are back to normal.

    It was a really nifty piece. And I'm curious how he filtered the textures at the rendering stage.
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    hey you guys guess what?


    look what i found on an old ass cd :)

    edit : fuck having probs copying the vl2, errors cuz my cd drive can't read parts ofthe old cd, extracting manually as much as i can (some files arent possible tho :()

    edit 2: managed to retrieve it all !, going to upload tomorrow :)
  • If you are fucking with me, so help me god, I will hunt you down and do unspeakable things to you.
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    Hmm, reading that makes it appear that I was wrong about the filtering.. I could have sworn that's how it worked, because I'm almost positive I had custom skins, and they got toonified.


    Also, the exact name of the file helped, I was able to hunt it down with that.
  • yep, there it is... I thought fileplanet would have it, but I thought Thyroid had it on his site. I didn't realize he was given a separate site for his pack. I swear I searched on fileplanet, but it didn't give me any results :/ nice shitty site ;)
  • Someone grab it and post it here.
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