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And there was chaos amongst the community of TribesNext; threads torn from their purpose and flames abounding. Having endured enough, the community cried out to the heavens above. And the Lord Thyth, upon hearing their cries, looked down upon their forums and spoketh:
  • Thou shalt not spam.
  • Thou shalt respond to a threads given topic, and no other.
  • Thou shalt treat fairly thy brothers and sisters of all Tribes 2 mods.
    • Thou shalt not flameth them.
    • Thou shalt not speak profanely of them.
  • Thou shalt not depict nor link indecent imagery.
  • Thou shalt not link nor distribute warez.
  • Thou shalt refrain from discussions of political and religious nature.
  • Thou shalt knoweth the difference betwixt fact and opinion.
  • Thou shalt not posteth things of no value.
  • Thou shalt not abuse thine signature for personal gain.
    • Thou shalt not submit referral schemes.
    • Thou shalt keep total download size of all content in your signature reasonable (under 200 kB).
    • Thou shalt keep height and width of your signature reasonable. Under 200 px tall, and under 700 px wide is the current guideline.

Punishments for these sins depend upon severity and administration mood, but will likely follow these guidelines:
  • Offending post will be removed or edited, and a warning issued.
  • If, after several warnings, you still don't understand these rules, your account will be temporarily locked.
  • If the account locking still hasn't clued you in, your account will be deactivated and a forum-wide ban will be issued.
  • Any depiction/linking of pornography or warez will result in an immediate ban.

These rules and punishments are subject to change at any time without notice.


  • King Julian has set a decree!
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    Also, if you have any complaints about a certain person or a post, please use the Report to moderator button or send a PM to all of the currently active moderators (Eolk, Shane, Turkeh, theBeaz).
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