Web server seems to be running slower than usual...

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Yesterday and today, the TribesNext.com website seems to be taking considerably more time to load pages. Is anyone else experiencing this?

*Edit: Never mind. Everything is speedy today.


  • Running very slowly for me today. All forum pages take much longer than normal to load.
  • Mine is back to being extremely slow as well. >:( frustrating.
  • My too. So slow...
  • Mine is back to being extremely slow as well. >:( frustrating.
  • It was just straight up down for the last 30 minutes :P
  • Last few hours actually.

    500 Internal Server Error and a 404 on the ErrorDocument

    Looks like we're back now though. Not slow anymore, too. Nice and snappy. Whatever whoever did to fix it, looks like it worked perfect :)

    [EDIT] By the way, welcome back Krash, I think we missed you :)
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    We apologize for the obvious inconvenience caused by the downtime, but we were moving the site to a new server and encountered a chance error with the PHP build. Naturally it had to be recompiled, and any PHP portion of the site was down during this time. The auth locator and everything else was fine.
    Normally in cases such as this the listing would revert to the secondary server, but this system is still untested and will probably be put more into practice with a later revision.
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