The Great Tribal War - Pickups Tuesdays and Fridays 7 PM - 11 PM

The Great Tribal War is back! We have pickups every Tuesday and Friday night from 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST. Join us on the "MaxOGC The Great Tribal War" server for an evening of team-oriented fun! First, however, you'll need to download the GTW client files by clicking here. Drop the .vl2 file into your C:/Dynamix/Tribes2/GameData/base folder, and you're ready to play!

What is Great Tribal War?
GTW is a mod for Tribes 2 (obviously). The game basically plays exactly as normal tribes as you know it. You have all the same vehicles and weapons and tools at your disposal. The differences are these:
  • The maps are 100km2 (10km x 10km maps) beautifully rendered based off real world areas.
  • The primary objective is to build your own base and defend your team's Global Positioning Targeter (a.k.a. GPT - looks like the capture and hold switch) while attempting to destroy your enemy's GPT. The question is, where are they?!
  • You and your enemy can move the GPT ANYWHERE YOU WANT on the map. There are hardened structures to help you defend your GPT or you can set it somewhere in the field and attempt to hide it in an obscure place somewhere in the hopes the enemy can't find it.
  • You can build your own base! Design the setup anyway you want it. From base turret placement to the location of your Inventory stations all the way down to the placement of your sentry turrets.
  • Get to the front lines quicker by building a forward field base! Setup a quick base with some power and an inventory station and deploy a teleporter pad to bring your friends to the front line quicker!
  • Don't forget the power! All base items require power to operate. Bring along a Solar pack to keep everything powered up within 50 meters of that panel. You can also use multiple power sources to as backup power to keep key items running. Also, as long as the GPT has power, it cannot be destroyed.
  • What happens when I destroy the enemy's GPT? The enemy can no longer spawn in the map! The remaining players on that team must regroup and make one last stand against the enemy. Once all the enemies are killed then the last team standing wins. If BOTH GPTs are destroyed, whoever is last standing wins. Keep in mind when you are moving your GPT to it's new home or trying to survive, that your team won't be able to spawn until you deploy it at its new location.

Some good news as well for all you Classic vets there: GTW 1.7 has Classic physics! You now have frictionless skiing, minediscing, and more, just like in Classic!

GTW 1.8, which we are currently testing, will have 4 teams.

GokouZWAR has also made another map, Icilian 2, which uses the terrain from a tribes 2 base map (I believe it is Abominable), and therefore requires no downloads to play.

If you have any questions, PM myself or GokouZWAR, and/or check out our forums at

~TriggerFinger, GTW Event Coordinator


  • Pickup this Friday at 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern! We will be running the newest version of GTW with 4 teams! Come to the "MaxOGC The Great Tribal War" server and check it out!
  • GTW 1.8.0 Released!!!

    Gameplay changes in version 1.8:
    • Added multiple team support into GTW - Create maps with multiple teams and the game will treat them as extra teams
    • GTW now supports up to 6 teams! (Maps currently will have only 4.)
    • When players are killed by other teams after their own GPT is destroyed the killed players are captured by that team and added to their team.
    • When players suicide, TKed or self killed, after their GPT is desroyed, they will be put on a random team that is still in the game.
    • Added new map "Centaurus" to the rotation. This map has no interior shapes so be ready to defend your base in the field.


    Changes and bug fixes in this version:
    • You will no longer spawn in another location away from your GPT at the start of the match.
    • Slowed down the snowfall speed and increased the flake counts in Icilian 2 map
    • Fixed power in Icilian 2 main base at Ice base 2

    See Our website's forum for the complete version info!

    Join us 3-27-09 for tonight's pickup on the "MaxOGC 1.8.0 GTW Server" at 7PM Est!

  • Oh damn. I was hoping to play some GTW tonight. Oh well, I'll try to make it on tuesday.
  • Tuesday's pickup was cancelled due to the fact I had to take care of my kids. My wife's mom is in the hospital so she's at her brothers watching his kids while they work. She's probably going to be there thru thursday at this point, so hopefully our friday pickup will still be on. I think TriggerFinger may be able to handle it. Either him or Corrosion. Keep watch on our forum

  • Version 1.8.1 Released!

    What's new? Glad you asked!

    -The pesky team join code's been fixed! No more unintentional team stacking!

    -New Message Of The Day (MOTD) system added to the server!

    -Now cameras can see a full 180 degrees! Intruders beware...

    -The MPB's shields have been dropped, but the armor boosted. Now you have to work to protect that GPT!
  • GTW 1.8.1 is now live on the MaxOGC server. See our release notes on this thread for more info.

  • edited April 2009
    yeah, sure, but nobody's showing up for games anymore. I've been ducking out recently but I'm back in as long as some more of you are.

    Edit: I might add that it's 7:30/9:30EST where I am right now and nobody is around to play except for TriggerFinger who seems to camp the GTW chatroom on tuesdays, and he's never even around.
  • I've been trying to get there but last week was busy for me. Last week I was usually in there by 8 and I saw someone there today when I got in.

    I'll be there much more regularly (from 7-9) now that things have settled a bit.

    Sorry about the last week./ My computer had a meltdown, Trigger Finger has been real busy and GokuzWar has been out too.

    (and I know I was in there at quarter of 8 with one other person sorry bout being late, sibling had to do homework ::))
  • Hey man, whatever. We really need to advertise this a bit more and get some more CTF players into GTW. We're never going to be able to utilize 4 teams with 3 or 4 people showing up to every 3 or 4 pickup games.

    Again, join Tribes-GTW on IRC so we (or I) can get a feel for how many people we have interested in playing. I can't just sit and refresh the server every 2 minutes.
  • edited April 2009
    People join that channel all the time. Haven't seen u there tho. :P Might also want to check the forums for info on updates and the next patches I plan to do. Since it's obvious you haven't heard about the automated team setup system I plan to put in place.
  • Come on people lets not let this mod die.

    I've been at all the pickups and few people usually come. This is a great mod and we need more players.

    Even if you just drop in for a little bit to see what it is like during the week I guerentee you will be hooked and want to come to the next pickup.
  • BUMB this is something that should not die, even if i have to get stoned by the necro police

    Are there people who still play? and which day do the most people come?
  • GTW hasn't been active lately. I think that one reason is the server seems to lag (at least it was lagging for me). I would love to get some more activity going in it - maybe I can stir up some activity in the Classic community, since GTW is now Classic.
  • ive been wanting to play this when there are a lot of people... ill mark my calendar
  • Well, we'll see if we can get it running again. Let's tentatively set a date for Oct. 10th on the MaxOGC The Great Tribal War server at 7:30 PM.
  • How is the tentative date going?

    Not that I'm going to show up.
  • I'm hoping to have it at the date/time specified, but the server appears to be down. Is there anybody who can host a GTW server just for the night? (I can get you the server files.)
  • I think I'm going to have to postpone this to next Saturday, as I can't find anyone to host the server. So next Saturday. I might change it to 8:00 PM as well.
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