Old school Mod's & Skins

If anyone has any oldschool mods or skins that you would not normally find now plz post them.

I myself have a bomber skin, various flare colours and weapon/player skins


  • http://spinfusor.ch/tribes2/skins/

    have fun with all those playerskins :D
  • Good ol' Junkyard...


    has all the cool skins that you will ever need! Even my old HALO skins! Enjoy.
  • http://www.tribaloutpost.com/tribes2/styles

    A few player and vehicle skins, quite a few weapon skins, and a ton of cool effects. If you want a green shocklance beam, blue flares, or a red lightning - effect disc explosion, this is the place to go.
  • One of the best mods this game ever had (in my opinion), was the Syrinx Mod. I believe a guy names ZOD created it. I wish I still had all of those files some where.
  • I have the entire Sling Scripts collecting along with 1,811 maps from Maps.com including those that were modified for BEML.

    If the DEVs wish to have these I will be glad to get them the the right people.
  • Fountains of Paradise was ALWAYS one of my favorite user created maps....damn, this brings back some awesome memories.


  • Hey Creech...long time no see. I agree with you about Syrinx. I would love to set that up. I think I have the files but they are .dso's. Would that work? I also have Mechina, remember tha?
  • Hey Creech...long time no see. I agree with you about Syrinx. I would love to set that up. I think I have the files but they are .dso's. Would that work? I also have Mechina, remember tha?
    Sadly I am not exactly sure how these guys have been able to do what it is they've done. So I'm not sure if .dso files will work. As far as Mechina goes, I don't believe I ever played that.
  • Here is a link to the collection of skins that I have collected over the last seven + years of playing Tribes2. I hope you find one you like. There are 584 different individual skins.
    Individual Skin Collection

    I have also organized some of these into packs of skins, grouped by the individuals that made them.
    These packs are broken down into two groups, Human Skins and Derm Skins and can be found here:
    Human Skins Derm Skins

  • Syrinx was awesome. However, ZOD let it die before Tribes2 did, so even if you found the files (not even on ZOD's site anymore) you'd probably need to know how to mod to get them working.

    Wonder if anyone has my old TE and other T2 skins I made ... hope I have em buried in this hd somewhere.

    This is the ol' |TE|thom btw! Co-Founder of Team Effort! word!! ;D
  • I uploaded 1.6 gigs (4600+ files) of skins to Sfphinx at tribaloutpost. As soon as he gets them sorted out you guys will have more skins than you can shake a stick at.
  • I remember when I use to play this hardcore (5yr or so ago) that there was an audio pack that I loved, but I cant find it anymore, I can only remember these two main things it had:

    1. When you activated a cloaking device it played a matrix tune.
    2. It had a sound like "Give me fuel five me fire, thats what I desire" or something.

    Was my fav pack ever.... anyone know it?
  • http://spinfusor.ch/tribes2/skins/

    have fun with all those playerskins :D

    Funny, I see my transformer skins in there, but they've been relabeled as zSkin. Is this someone taking credit for other people's work? It's cool that they are available, but I hung with guys at the skinners guild (when it existed), and all the guys ever wanted was to make sure they got proper cred for their work ;)

    btw, I've got some of my stuff (and a couple others) here: http://notman.planettribes.gamespy.com/files.htm (I need to move it to my current forums)
    Also, I have skins for the OOB grid too
  • Usually the z_name is to cause that .vl2 to load after some other .vl2 file.
    I'm not really sure about it in this case though.
  • yeah, it loads them alphabetically, but that shouldn't matter with skins. That's fine if that's why though.
  • Yeah, I don't know why I was explaining that to you. I probably learned that from you.
  • lol, no biggy ;)
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