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Whether you've been here 5 weeks or as many years, we all have our stories. Tales of glorious domination and of bitter defeat. Tricks that were both foisted upon and dreamed up by us. moments of epic greatness and times of embarrasing noobishness. Games where we couldn't be stopped and games where we couldn't get started. Whatever they may be, Post your stories here! :)


  • One time I played Base CTF. It sucked so much I decided I should play the Siege gametype full-time. Even after Classic came out, the damage had been done and I found it difficult to adjust back into CTF.

    One time I took out a Shrike by driving a Tank off a cliff onto it. I was out of bullets.

    One time I got banned from a dedicated Katabatic server without ever stepping foot on it.

    One time I was annoyed with a team stack in a pub server, so I switched teams and put down a bunch of beacons in random places. I assume they had trouble finding remote inventories after that, and the team stack ended up losing.

    My base has never lost power on Sub-Zero while I was doing generator defense. Not ever.
  • one time at goons on raindance our gens were spammed the whole map

    oh wait thats every day
  • I killed an MPB by walking on it.
  • one time I rained down so much carnage with giveAll()
  • One time I modded TR2 to change every weapon into a rapid-fire ultra weapon when midnight hit on April 1st. Three hours later, they still didn't realize it was a prank.
  • About 5 years ago I was in a MA Bones server . I was flying around in my owl thinking to my self (wow one day I will be the last left) . Sad how things come true . RIP Ace,Rogue,Bav,Mad,Ep, and all the rest .
  • I got shooted.
  • This thread sounds more like Rodney Dangerfield one-liners instead of stories.... ::)

  • i don't get no respect
  • triple lindy!
  • One day I watched a demo of a guy on slapash, who started spastically tossing a never ending stream of satchel charges. He kept dying cause they would explode automatically, but other people weren't affected by them. Then later he went outside and the sky turned black and there were fireworks exploding everywhere in the sky.

    wtf was with that?
  • Him dying.
  • This thread sounds more like Rodney Dangerfield one-liners instead of stories.... ::)

    on that note, please tell actual stories, this thread is not for stupid comments, if you cant remember the whole story, just post what you can and only if you think its actually a worthwhile story.
  • Grand Theft MPB.....
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