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  • Stats Revamped Much more statistical data available... I totally reworked the console parser script and the database, which has allowed for much more in-depth statistics. Unfortunately this meant another DB wipe, but this is the last one of these. Change Highlights:* When you join the server now, it sends you a message…
  • Teratos, To be honest, I haven't looked at VE or your stuff yet... other than following the link (which the pl file doesn't distribute correctly. I think the server is trying to execute it a la cgi instead of letting me download it) and trying to download everything. I wish i knew a smoother way of doing the stat tracking…
  • My bandwidth is just fine.... I'm sure of it.
  • I'm pretty sure this is working now. thanks for having a look guys. my ISP was blocking port 80, so i just redirected around it.
  • and what about going directly to:
  • Can you guys log in to the Monkey Heaven server?
  • Ok.. i reinstalled several times.. and rebooted the machine. Its tracking scores now. I did everything exactly the same for installation as before. Strange.... Any clue on this intermittent issue?
  • I was having this problem too. Man oh man did it piss me off. I'd be in the middle of a disc duel and I'd lose controll of the client while that pop-up appeared. It turns out MacAffee is blocking it. Go to your virus scan console. Right click on Access Protection Click Properties Highlight 8th from the top: "Prevent IRC…
  • So yeah... I'm Mr. Jacobson :) And I was in college in 2001. And yes, I did spend my college days logged in to Tribes 2 in the evenings... But it was the Ann Arbor server I played on mostly, and the SA there... well he couldn't have been my professor. I also didn't write any papers on the USSR :P But this did freak me the…