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  • Big thanks to Plexor. I'm using the Digital Ocean $5 droplet and the server has been running fine for several hours. Using: Ubuntu 13.10 32bit, Wine 1.4. Instead of VNC, if you're using putty to SSH into your server. Look up how to use Xming to render the X session on your computer while setting up. Then use xvfb to run…
  • Bad news, taskset is keeping the CPU in check but makes the server unusable. I get a Ruby runtime error 6356468 on the server side and an unhandled exception on the client side.
  • Marvelous! cd /home/tribes2/Tribes2/GameData; taskset 1 wineconsole --backend=curses Tribes2.exe -dedicated Kind of a hackjob but it's holding things together for now.
  • Found what I think to be the problem. I remembered incorrectly, it seems TribesNext is using only 12% and Wineconsole is using 100%. Quick Google search turns up this and it seems limiting Wine to a single core will help.…
  • That's really helpful. The CPU has been running flat out since I set up the server so I'm going to see what that's about. I'd rather stick with current versions of Wine, but if not, I'll go back and match mine to what other people are using. I'll move the public/ files out of the way and check IP tables isn't…
  • I tried following the instructions in the Youtube video's comments and, upon hitting login, I end up getting the message: Any ideas on what's causing this or how I could find out? Running Jaunty and the latest version of Wine from the Wine PPA.