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  • It's similar to project yellow snow, but requires eating more mexican food...
  • I've been looking for a good texture pack, I heard there was one called...ghb textures? bhg textures? I can't remember exactly.
  • i quess so :x /sorry
  • I'm in for siege/siege practice - we should get a teamspeak or ventrilo server up and coordinate all of the active players!
    in Siegers Comment by malkir January 2009
  • Rebeldawgs? We're right here :) I've sent links out and great reviews to all of my friends who would be interested - I can't wait to bring them in! My favorite way to get a new player hooked is to have him jump in a shrike and follow me on a tour of the endless world, pick an obscure mountaintop, and do a little battling.…