This is what it's all about!

Yeah, I may have been away for a while, and I'm sure some of ya'll seen this, but
this is what Tribes2 is all about. Tribes 2 Classic |R| vs -IA- on Surreal
starting at 10:13 to 12:07 of the video.

I soo much miss a connection at home.


  • That was like watching football. :o
  • Normally I click on a you tube link, watch it for a short bit, then my internet attention span kicks in and I'm clicking some fucking button for no apparent reason. Which sends me off to some other site that holds my attention for 4 or 5 whole seconds. But I watched all 30 minutes of that and it was awesome. I love how the caster can continually say lick my clit and not even chuckle a little lol.
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