(ANZ T2 community) Looking for Semi-Serious Scrim

Hey all,

I have already posted similar threads at Goonhaven.ord and the TWL site, but thought i should also see what sort of response i'd get here. Here's the general gist...

Aussie (AU) and Kiwi (NZ) T2 vets are keen for a scrim/semi-serious match.

We've currently got 10 players who have expressed a relatively certain/committed - numbers may increase (only early days).

Are you guys still interested in a scrim?

The Bittah/ANZ team is entirely made up of vets - so we've got plenty of experience; oldskool ;)

Am happy to trade namelists, and discuss all details.

Our boys are looking to play in the next 4-8 weeks.

Gloating rights to the winners, eh?

Look forward to chatting more about this.

(from - home of the Australia/New-Zealand T2 community)

PS..i understand all the logistics, etc, around having an international match of this type (timing, ping, etc), but we've done this sort of thing before, and it's mofre about seeing if we can make something work, rather than focusing on the challenges (which are not often so bad anyhow...)

Thoughts welcome.

I'll visit soon and see how discussions progress.
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