Can't create a new account. Tried everyting...I think.

This problem has come up a couple times in the forums, but I've tried everything and I still can't connect to the servers. I'm using windows XP.

I installed the torrent file of the game,
installed the latest patch,
launched the online game version and tried to create a new account,
but it says the servers are offline even though they aren't.

I've disabled my PC-cillen anti-virus, my firewall, experimented with affinity settings, and redownloaded/reinstalled the game trying the torrent version and otherwise. Nothing seems to work.

I'm not super computer-savvy. Is there anything else I can try. I wanna play so bad!


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    Do you have a router in line? See if you can connect via bypassing the router. This is almost always a firewall or router issue, wether that firewall is in the os or in a firewall or router appliance. If you still can't get an account made, email me and give me the user name and password you would like and I will make the account for you and email you the credentials you need localy to play. I can email you credentials to a test user name and password (online jerk, pw: t2=drama) beforehand to make sure that the game will play with your jacked up networking. But even this does not ensure you will be able to play if you still have something blocking the game. Let me know if you want to try.
  • Having this issue creating an account in game: "The server detected a problem in your request and could not connect at this time".

    I'll try to connect straight into my modem to bypass my router.

    Also I need 3 posts to PM you to setup an account manually.
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    If you meant "The server detected a problem in your request and could not create an account." instead of what you said, make sure you're running the latest version of the patch. It means that there was a problem on the client side key generation. If you are running the latest version, you should simply try again.
  • Thank you! Works now.
  • hey im having the same problem i just found out you can play tribes 2 again xD but i downloaded and installed the game and multiplayer patch from this site and when i go to create an account i get the same error and i dont realy know what to do... if you can reply thatl be great, i know this was in june so it might be old news
  • Hi
    Try disabling all firewalls in your pc and router (if one is present) and try to create an account. If unable, pm me the account name and password desired plus your email and I will make it for you.
  • i need 3 posts to pm you so im just goin to do this one and another one
  • k hopefully i can pm you for an account cuz i cant make one
  • can I PM you for an account as well? thnx.
  • Sure, later today I'll be at my backup sys where I can make another account. Already made one this week with this system (ip address) so have to use another.
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