Tribes turns my System's Sound OFF

After successfully installing tribesnext, as soon as the game begins and the intro plays, my system's sound dies to the point where I have to do a system restore just to be able to hear again.
I have the latest drivers for my soundcard
I checked sound options in tribes and selected the four options available but none work, and none of them are the correct provider anyways.
I'm using Creative labs Sound Blaster Live!
I skimmed through frequently asked questions and found nothing.


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    There's a bug with the Sound Blaster Live series cards that affects a lot of software. Even causing UE's for Tribes 2. Try setting your sound acceleration to "Standard" with dxdiag. That seemed to have solved a world of bugs and random crashes for me.
  • sadly that didn't work out either
    after countless hours of trying to update the SB driver, and having to deal with this shit, I don't think I'll ever buy anything from SB again.

    I still want to fix this though, it's hard taking a flag when you can't hear missiles
  • what os are you running?

    what audio mode (miles fast, aex, etc) are you running?
  • I'm on XP with Sound Blaster Live!

    I gave up after an entire day of trying to figure it out, until today I decided to try again, hadn't changed a thing
    I uninstalled and removed tribes completely, and after installing tribes, I restarted my machine
    then after patching the installed tribes folder, I again restarted my computer
    now, as if by magic, my sound is working fine.

    My logic was that I'd let all the files compile properly by refreshing my system after each install, though I don't know how this would work at all and was a shot in the dark
    to my amazement it actually worked

    Now for some reason I'm unable to log in...
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