-=Ao=-dj^ signing in

holler, Dex gave me the link, who all here?


  • nobody of consequence
  • Lots of people.
  • Hey Dj, I think I remember you. its |HV|Pig_Destroyer. I remember Dex. Glad to see some familiar faces, there is alot of new people now and im having a blast.

  • yea I remember you, anyone else from |HV| around?
  • I used to play on HV a lot back when it was a revmod2 server. Refused all the clan invites. :P
  • edited January 2009
    I remember you and Dex... You played quite a while ago. I played as Leifis... Usually played with my good real life pal Paranoiac. We were usually the jerkies zoomin around in the tank. You weren't the guy that was always after us in the Shrike, were you?

    Anyhoo... welcome back to T2 Heaven man!
  • im here :]
  • sup Tarzul! Dex would have been the one in the Shrike
  • I am still here and I am getting terranovas butt on here to we also got travller and shadow slug back in the fold. How the hell is dex I still have his photoshop from 13 in my gallery on the HV website ;D
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