can someone post a windows 123 for dedicated plz? I hate sifting.

Greets all. I used to run a dedicated T2 server back in the day.. and on linux even. But it has been forever, and now I'm wanting to get back in the fray with a windows server I own and manage. Admin, plz sticky one.. or existing t2 server admin plz post. Plz include gotchas, and typical admin config setup and preferred tools. Tricon still viable? links? Thx!

Sorry If I missed this, but what I expected to find wasn't there.



  • I can help you with the Tricon shtff :) (I use it to admin my server). You can down load it here:
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    Step 1: Install the Tribes 2 GSI.
    Step 2: Install the TribesNext patch.
    Step 3: Create a launch shortcut or batch file to run the game in server mode.
    This will need to run something along the lines of: "Tribes2.exe -online -dedicated -mod XXX". To run a "base" server, omit the -mod parameter and its argument. To run classic, specify "classic" in place of the XXX.

    When switching between mods on the same installation, you must delete all DSO files under GameData/base and GameData/modyouwanttorun. Some mods are distributed without source code, in which case, those DSOs should not be removed.

    You can also specify the server preference file that's being used by the given process with the -serverprefs argument, followed by a path relative to the mod. The main reason to do this is if you want to run more than one server with the same mod from the same installation (you must specify a different networking port for each server in this prefs file to do this).

    You specify things like the super admin password in the preference file as well, so you will probably want to open that in a text editor, and make relevant changes before proceeding.

    Step 4: Adjust the server firewall to allow (a) outbound access on port 80 (TCP/HTTP) so your game server can talk to the master list server, (b) inbound UDP access on whatever port you have your game server set to use (28000 by default).
    Step 5: Run your server batchfile/shortcut.
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