RZ0's Tribes 1 Weapon+Flag sounds for Tribes 2!

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so yeah,one day I was looking around for a tribes 1 weapon sound effects pack for tribes 2 and to my suprise no one had it,but this time I decided to do it myself...So, I ripped most tribes 1 weapons sounds and replaced the tribes 2 one, I originally intended this for personal use but I thought hey, someone might want this!anyways,this includes flag return sounds/flag take sounds/flag capture sounds etc. along with blaster fire sounds,spinfusor fire sounds,grenade launcher fire sounds,mortar fire+reload sounds,sniper sounds and more! Ill keep adding more and more sounds,Heres the link to it: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28942212/audio.vl2 just pop that .vl2 into your tribes2/gamedata/base/ folder and make it overwrite. and if you dont want the announcer to annouce the flag stuff (kinda annoying cus you cant hear the flag sounds)(note this only makes the FLAG announcments not play,other ones will.) then download THIS and pop it in your base folder: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28942212/voice.vl2 i personally use both.
i will soon put up a link to the original vl2's if needed :)
Please Give Feedback!!!!!!!!

TL;DR N00BS: download audio.vl2 and voice.vl2 and place them in your gamedata/base/ folder and have fun


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    I'm checking it. If it works, I will love ya.

    (Btw, file is 54.6 MB)

    Appears to be not working for me. :/
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