Browser and E-mail don't work on Tribesnext.

I click them and the just don't respond; but sometimes I can get them to come up but they are unusable, how do you use them, can you use them, and if they arn't implemented yet when will they be?


  • They currently don't work. They will be available in the next patch.
  • When is the next patch?
    And what will you actually do on them?
  • The mail and browser systems had to be recreated from scratch. I've been the only person working on it, and only when more important stuff wasn't going on, so naturally it's not being done very quickly.

    Nevertheless, the new community (browser and mail) systems are nearly done. The server side has been operational since last fall (which is how a handful of players have yellow clan tags in game), and the only remaining work has been on building new user interface components for the in-game UIs (since the old ones are not compatible with the new server).

    Currently, the in-game mail UI is functional, and browser UI is about 70% done. I expect about 16 hours more work required to finish it off. You can track development progress in the roadmap thread:,508.0.html

    I'm wrapping up the active development on Tribes 2 and putting out a final patch sometime in the month of April.
  • Brilliant!, also I downloaded that IRC thing but all the channels are tribes haters?
    on anouther note, what will the E-mail and browser be used for?
  • The browser allows you to create a player profile page, manage a buddy list, see who is online, create/join/manage clan membership, and see history (e.g. membership changes, administrative actions, etc. over time) for both players and clans.

    The mail system is used to send short messages between players, and also to send/receive clan invitations (so you can join clans created by others).

    Basically an in-game social networking system -- a little bit like Facebook, but, part of Tribes 2 four years before Facebook was developed.
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