Microsoft Drivers WDDM v1.1 etc... and UE's

If you have windows 8.1 you may notice a generic video card driver that says Microsoft Corp WDDM v1.whatever. Basically you have to get the right drivers installed to get the UE's to stop.

In my case it was an amd driver for HD 4300 mobile chip. I had to go to device manager and select display adapter, then the video card. Then go to properties and click update driver. Here is where you don't see the correct driver. The correct one will be the card name without the WDDM v1.1 crap next to it.

First install the right driver. Mine was 13.1 Catalyst control thingy. I installed it but it didn't become selected because the WDDM crap is technically newer. SO you have to manually add it. You have to go to update driver and then click browse the computer. In the box to go C Drive whatever, AMD, Whatever version you installed, Then go to Packages, Drivers, Display, and then bam you're in to where the drivers you want are located. You may have a few files in the folder but they are setup files... names like CHbunch of numbers etc. Then you just try each one until you get the drivers you are looking for. (the ones without the WDDM next to it)

That's about it. Good luck.
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