Great Tribal War Pickup tonight 7PM EST

Join us for the new an improved GTW v1.51 released today on the MaxOGC - Great Tribal War server at 7PM EST till whenever we feel like it! Join us an hour early for a quick training session on how the game is played and basic game concepts.

Be sure you download the client files at before joining. You'll need the map and shape files to join us. Drop the GTW.Vl2 in your gamedata/base folder, delete your DSO files and that's it!

What is Great Tribal War?
GTW is a mod for Tribes 2, (obviously!). The game basically plays exactly as normal tribes as you know it. You have all the same vehicles and weapons and tools at your disposal. The differences are these:
  • The maps are 100km2 (10km x 10km maps) beautifully rendered based off real world areas.
  • The primary objective is to build your own base and defend your teams Global Position Targeter (GPT, looks like the capture and hold switch) while attempting to destroy your enemy's GPT. The trick is, where are they?!
  • You and your enemy can move the GPT ANYWHERE YOU WANT on the map. There are hardened structures to help you defend your GPT or you can set it somewhere in the field and attempt to hide it in an obscure place somewhere in the hopes the enemy can't find it.
  • You can build your own base! Design the setup anyway you want it. From base turret placement to the location of your Inventory stations all the way down to the placement of your sentry turrets.
  • Get to the front lines quicker by building a forward field base! Setup a quick base with some power and an inventory station and setup yourself with a teleporter pad to bring your friends to the front line quicker!
  • Don't forget the power! All base items require power to operate. Bring along a Solar pack to keep everything powered up within 50 meters of that panel. You can also use multiple power sources to as backup power to keep key items running. Also as long as the GPT has power, it cannot be destroyed.
  • What happens when I destroy the enemy's GPT? The enemy can no longer spawn in the map! The remaining players on that team must regroup and make one last stand against the enemy. Once all the enemies are killed then the last team standing wins. If BOTH GPTs are destroyed, whoever is last standing wins. Keep in mind when you are moving your GPT to it's new home or trying to survive, that your team won't be able to spawn until you deploy it at its new location.

Sound fun? Join us tonight and see what the hype is all about!



  • Hey, I would totally be up for this, but I'm stuck on campus doing work right now, so I probably wont even be home until at least 11pm.

    It is a Saturday though, so hopefully some people will still be on later and we can do some late-night GTWing
  • I have to say: last night was epic.

    If the GTW gets more popular, it might be worth investigating how much larger populations would affect gameplay such as one team sending out an army of shrikes scouting before they move the switch, causing the game to end within 10 minutes, run on sentence, run on sentence.

    *(imagines an all out shrike war of 24 people)
  • Yeah I noticed that happening more last night when we started. But then again, it's also easier to have armed escourts when moving your GPT with more people and still have someone to go look for the enemy moving their GPT.

    Also, we've had 3 on 3 shrike wars already, just look at the youTube video that was from one of the earlier pickups. Shrike wars are hard since they're a lot faster to fly in GTW. I had to up the missile speeds to be able to keep up with shrikes. I saw from last night I need to make them even faster. :P

    Probably wouldn't hurt to up the havoc and thundersword speeds as well just a shade.

  • I am supremely disappointed that I missed the pickup, but hopefully there will be more in the future
  • I jumped out to fix some lag issues. I didn't expect everyone to bail so soon after. Was great fun though. I think we can expect even more people next time.
  • Was fun to play GTW again. The Vega map won't load on my system for some reason. I keep timing out.
  • edited January 2009
    Vega map has custom sky texture! Be sure you have the proper .vl2 in your /gamedata folder.

    BTW< I've decided we're going to have another pickup this saturday at 7pm EST - 11pm EST. So come join the MaxOGC - Great Tribal War server and we'll have some fun with the all new GTW 1.52 version I just released today which fixes the deconstructor weapon issue. You can now properly cycle thru all the weapons and it'll also cycle thru the deconstructor as well.

    Thanks to Eolk and RedShifter for the help on that fix!

    Come play, and bring a friend or 5. ;D Last weeks response was about 20 - 30 players, I want 40 in the server this week!

  • Sweet-ass monkey-balls, im coming!
  • We're going to do another one on Tuesday 2/3/09 if anyone wants to come. Usual time 7pm Est - 11PM est. Come join the fun. We didn't quite make our player goal this saturday but we still got a good game going! We need a lot of people to come and help test this game out! Join in on the fun!

  • I'll try to make it again. A friend of mine plays WoW, and may or may not have runs that night. I let them use my PC.
  • When's the next pickup?
  • Saturday 7pm est. We're going to make it a weekly thing assuming the wife lets me :) We're trying to pickup another one mid-week or sometime during the week as well. So keep a watch on this thread.

  • I'll be trying to play when I have time. This seems like a pretty cool gametype, I've just got to get used to it.
  • There's a bit of a learning curve on it. I'm working on setting up a website and hopefully on there we'll have a noob guide for those that need some help understanding what it's all about. For now you'll have to rely on your teammates to help you out a bit.

  • are these still happening? I didn't see anyone last wenesday :(
  • The Wednesday pickup was a one-time deal because one guy forgot to attend and he wanted to make it up.
  • Yeah you guys are welcome to organize pickups. I'm busy with school and usually have things scheduled for the weekends so I can't as often as I'd like, but that doesn't mean you guys can't post a time in here and just play.
  • what about one this saturday 27th or 28th of Feb? Lets get a game going and get soem real teamplay on the table!
  • Further event posts will be at our forum now:

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