Help! Can't get it to work.

Hey guys.

Very excited to find out that someone revived Tribes 2.

I still have my original game so I installed it. It allows be to pick my character and it even starts to load the games on the "Solo" portion, but right after it loads it kicks the game off.

I downloaded the patch but it doesn't tell me where the patch should go so I just downloaded it to my desk top.

What am I doing wrong? I would really love to play again.

Any help would be appreciated.


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    Open "TribesNext_rc2a.exe" and install it into your "Tribes2\GameData\" folder.

    If you want to play on servers where most people play, also download THIS file and put it into your "Tribes2\GameData\Base" folder. Then get the map packs from HERE. Unzip the file and put all the .vl2 files into your "Tribes2\GameData\Base" folder again. Also put THIS official .vl2 map pack into that folder.

    If you still have problems after this, get the DSO Remover from HERE and put it into your "GameData" folder as well. Run it and hit enter to clean your compiled scripts before entering the game.
  • WOW! Thanks Robertom!

    Its so much fun to play again. What a great game.

    I seem to be having trouble connecting to the servers listed. What am I doing wrong?
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