"Tribes2.exe is not a valid win32 application."

This error typically occurs after you apply RC2 and earlier versions of the patch to either:
a) An out of date version of the game (ie. installed from the CD without patching to 25034)
b) A corrupt or non-standard install.

  • If you installed from the CD, you must update your Tribes 2 install to version 25034 before patching with TribesNext? If you do not update your Tribes 2, you will get a corrupted EXE (note that you do not have to update Tribes 2 if you installed from Tribes_gsi.exe). Simply rename the backup file "Tribes2.exe.bak" back to "Tribes2.exe" and update your Tribes 2 to version 25034
  • If the above fails, you may have installed from a corrupt Tribes 2 installer (especially if you did not install from disc). Redownload Tribes 2 from a different mirror or, preferably, through BitTorrent and try re-installing.
    • MD5 -

For all users encountering this error message:
  • If you are installing from a non-GSI source (i.e. original Sierra year 2001 CDs) and have patched to 25034, verify the checksum of your Tribes2.exe file prior to running the TN patch. Additionally, if you have not verified the MD5 of the GSI installer as a match to the above, do this step.
    • MD5(Tribes2.exe)= 188cbf910fa40e56b7c9382113e15cc9
    • SHA1(Tribes2.exe)= 0e1af0b89ec571305fac241c8907987130f30bab
  • For TN versions RC1 to RC2a the post-patch checksums for the Tribes2.exe file should be as follows:
    • MD5(Tribes2.exe)= 766bc1bd4fde4c59f44093df8bbefa6b
    • SHA1(Tribes2.exe)= 55cdfe2b360233def9a06a7a45ce8df3a319cbfb
If you have not computed checksums on your file and open a support topic, you will be directed to this FAQ until you have done so. To compute MD5 on a file in Windows, download MD5summer for Windows.
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