What happened to duel MOD and TR2?!?

Hello guys,

Last night a thought hit me of how I really missed Tribes 2.. and I did some youtube searching to bring back some old memories. I couldn't believe when I read on one of the comments that a group had made T2 workable again! Awesome job guys, take another thank you from a tribes 2 diehard. Hopefully we can bring back the amount of people in that use to play this game.. before Vengence came out.. but that would be hard.

I've got some questions though.

What happened to the 24/7 katabatic with no bots...
Are there no servers currently up with DUEL MOD? This was my favorite thing to do to warm up
And what about the best MOD in t2... Team rabbit 2.. we can't even get a 12 slot server for it?



  • What happened to the 24/7 katabatic with no bots...
    They decided not to use TribesNext for some reason...
  • well what about duel mod and tr2?

    So theres just no servers for them?

    Hmm.. tribes next should add those popular ones and form a donation fund.. i myself for donate a lot to play on those quality maps and two different mods. If theres was a TribesNext TR2 server, and one good Duelmod, and one good katabatic 24/7, and hell, why not another server with stock maps only.. aka damnation.. katabatic.. u know the rest.
  • And you can't start one of these servers yourself?
  • Server hosting companies charge about $2 per player slot per month. If you're are willing to donate that much, may as well just buy your own. Most people used Branzone in the past, but Art of War and MaxOGC hosts Tribes 2 as well I think.
  • If enough people would say they would use a 24/7 stock map server
    or 24/7 team rabbit 2, i would def. buy one.
  • Fling offered to let people play Duel Mod on his server when he doesn't need it.
  • Shoot me the files to run a TR2 server and I'll convert mine over. I'll even throw the TribesNext name on it and give admin to the TribesNext admins and mods.
  • Threat con.. do you know how amazing that would be...?

    That would be awesome if we had TribesNEXT servers..

    I however, don't know where the TR2 files are located..

    Do you have AIM instant messenger?
  • Con, if you were to change one of the Maxogc servers into A 24/7 TR2.. i can bring back a lot of players into our community.. and hopefully get tribes 2 a higher player base again.

    After getting that, it would be awesome to have a small slot 24/7 duel server..
  • Nope don't use any kind of IM clients. I do use Ventrilo/Teamspeak though on occasion.

    Just PM me a link to the files or post them in this thread and I'll toss them on my server. EWO had a TR2 server up and at times we had 65 human players on the server. It lagged at times, but was playable.

    So find those files and let's get this server going! :)
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