Tribes 2 fan just sayin' thanks

Hey, I just found out about this revival and wanted to say thanks to everyone involved. T2 is still one of my favorite games but I haven't played in ages. Now I can, so...Woohoo! Rock on. I've always enjoyed the base game so I hope to see lots of good old CTF servers popping up as opposed to the ultra-renegades type stuff. Anyway, keep on trucking. :)


  • T2 is a great game. When I originally purchased 5 copies to test for our LAN gaming sop back in 2000, we had issues with login account requirements. Unfortunately, we had to turn our backs on this very fun game. Tribes 1 had been obsessively played from it's debut, and we were really hoping for a similar result with T2.

    I hope to start a 24/7 server very soon. If anyone has detailed server op info, please e-mail me - [email protected] I would like to host 2 more dedicated servers at multiple sites, each having 16 to 32 player limits. Bandwidth is limited to 1 megabit per site, so I am very interested in the technical requirements of the dedicated server, as well as what mods/maps are available.

    Thanks for reviving Tribes 2, and thank you in advance for any server op assistance.
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    The specs required for running a server are pretty low, as the game was released in 2001. What's listed in the wikipedia article should be pretty accurate, though it may be a good idea to have something a bit higher to handle the cryptography functions used by the patch.

    Fortunately the net-code for the game is pretty well optimized. You shouldn't have any trouble with 16 player servers on a 1 megabit connection, and probably into the 20s before you reach your cap. I couldn't say exactly what your max player count might be, so you might want to get some guys together and do some stress testing.
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    I got Tribes a long time ago right when it hit the shelves. it was one of my first positive experiences in teamplay...en masse!

    Formed a small tribe entirely based around a 3 man crew that does only one thing - fly bombers. In a way no one (at that time) imagined.

    Have to say thank you for bringing it back - I never could get a cdkey (lost the original CD in house moving). I'll be sure to check in with some wholesome massive carnage as soon as it downloads.

    Old games are all I enjoy - and Tribes, along with IL-2 Sturmovik top the chart in online gameplay.

    T2 was my air combat school. Quit when IL-2 was released (finally a realistically modelled and intuitive combat sim) and had a ball with the pros!
  • I got the game a month after it came out and played it until its end. A big thanks to whoever out there had this idea, from me and my friends. ;D

    -Donler the Great
  • I was a big T1 and T2 fan. I was very excited and surprised to see this on penny arcade.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  • You guys are awesome. I played Tribes 2 from the beginning, and stopped, thinking it was mostly dead a couple years back. I remember when I was ~11, I called in to the store to reserve the game, thinking it'd be sold out. Ah, those days...

    I'd love to get back into it. And you guys have made it possible. This is one of my all time favorite games. Thanks. A lot.
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