Windows 7 + ATI = Unhandled Exception error

Windows 7's default drivers for ATI (via Windows Update) do *not* include OpenGL.
If you attempt to start Tribes 2 and it just gives you an error every time, then likely your error is the lack of OpenGL support in your drivers.

To fix, get the latest Catalyst drivers for Windows Vista (32bit if you're running 32bit Win7, 64bit if 64bit Win7) from
That driver pack includes OpenGL, and should fix your issues (worked great for me).


  • The Windows 7 WDDM pre-release drivers work on my box.
  • Using an ATI chipset?

    That's quite interesting. Any idea of whether or not you have OpenGL installed as well with the driver? (one way to find out, if you have the Catalyst package as well, is to right-click on desktop, launch catalyst, go advanced, and then view Information, which should list OpenGL's version, if any)
  • I'm getting UEs starting Tribes now with my new nVidia GTX 285. Not sure where I can find the openGL drivers needed.
  • I can't change the drivers to anything other than the default WDDM pre-release, as it was already a hassle to get these installed, any other type with BSOD my comp upon startup every time.

    I'm just wondering if at all possible I can just change ingame settings to use Direct3D instead. Can't figure out what to edit in my cfg files or otherwise to get it to startup without OpenGL.
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