Branzone Hosting Problems

Distorter and I are trying to get this server up... So i bought the server last night and after 2 hours of waiting I recieved a e-mail stating that the sever has been set up....But we could not find it by typing in the IP addy manually or getting it on the automatic server load....10 minutes later I recieved a e-mail and I keep getting the same e-mail which states "This message is to notify you that your Tribes 2 server running on has not responded to the last 5 queries and has been stopped automatically. If you need help with getting this server running again or reinstalled please contact support." so i contacted support and they send me this e-mail "The master servers are no longer online, you need to install the 'TribesNext' mod through the game control panel." I have tribesnext mod installed so It's not making any sence to me.....Slap Happy is hosted by branzone a long with many other servers that I see are up and that I can Join what am I doing wrong?????


  • Did you recently have another master solution with your server? From my limited experience, it seems that others solutions and tribesnext may not work too well together. If you're running any mod or other custom content, download them off of ftp, then reinstall the server. After that, then setup tribesnext through the mods window.


    You may also want to look into this post:
    This is something I suspected would come up soon enough and is likely due to the way the IP verification determines its own address. I'll try to make sure we address this in the next update, but for now a temporary fix that should work for servers using a different BindAddress is to use the following line to set the IP check variable manually:
    $IPv4::InetAddress = $Host::BindAddress;

    If you pop this into any file that loads before our scripts are run (maybe create a new .cs file to pop in autoexec if you run multiple configs) it should be fine assuming it's set to the IP the clients see.
    I'm asleep at the moment myself, but in the morning I can open the script on our end and check it out.

    Edit: I've updated the installer with something that should fix this particular problem (as well as an uninstaller, but that's unrelated). If you don't want to download the whole thing, you could just replace your existing T2csri.vl2 with this:

    If you get the "man in the middle" problem, apply the .vl2 file in the quoted text above.
  • kryand if your online distorter is there on msn if you could help
  • I have put a server up and now it shows up on the server list BUT i get dissconected and the message reads "Potential Man in the middle attack server doesnt consider this reasonable" wth does that mean?
  • Our master install files were not updated yet, I've updated them now to include Tribesnext patch by default.
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