New Server Open :: Monkey Heaven

While you may or may not have seen Monkey Heaven up for the last couple of weeks, it is now officially open for play.

Currently, there are bots, but if players want I'll remove them when/if population grows. I spent a lot of time working on this custom stat tracking script, and it is fully implemented on the server. I'm currently working on the web-page to display this info, and I'm about 50% done with it. The server webpage can be found at:

I'm certainly open to suggestion in changes to map rotation.


  • That's pretty sweet, keep up the good work =)
  • That's a pretty sweet stats tracker!
  • Nice work with the stats, especially the flash displays.

    Do you use a database structure similar to VisualEcho's stuff and/or my stuff?

    I'm particularly interested in how other people track players/player sessions and maps/missions. I feel like I came up with a good solution, but there may be other, better solutions.
  • Teratos,

    To be honest, I haven't looked at VE or your stuff yet... other than following the link (which the pl file doesn't distribute correctly. I think the server is trying to execute it a la cgi instead of letting me download it) and trying to download everything.

    I wish i knew a smoother way of doing the stat tracking than what I did. Essentially, I added a line of code like: logEcho('SCORE ALERT ' @ %cl.baseName @ %pointsValue); everywhere in the CTFgame.cs file where it called the function to recalculate scores.

    My perl script pops a the next line from the telnet output, does a few regex comparisions looking for things like score, if there was a cap, what skin a guy was using, et cetera et cetera. Its fairly easy for me to modify this to include things like How many gen kills, carrier kills, et cetera.

    I'm putting stuff in a mysql database, and the structure is essentially:
    maps(mapID PK AI, name, quantity)
    weapons(weaponID PK AI, name)
    players(playerID PK AI, name, skin, deaths, caps, carrierKills)
    temp(clID, IP, name, skin)
    kills(playerID, weaponID, quantity)

    Now that i'm looking at it, i probably should expand deaths the same way I did kills. I in no way attempted to track the last 10 map outcomes or anything like that. The temp table... essentially when a player joins the server his IP, CL ID, and skin are all that is echo'ed to chat. That stuff is stored in the temp table, and when that CL ID quits, that information is moved to the player table (which is populated during the course of play with data).

    I'm sure there is a much more elegant solution, and i wish i could figure out how to log the match debriefing. Hope that answers your question.
  • Stats Revamped

    Much more statistical data available... I totally reworked the console parser script and the database, which has allowed for much more in-depth statistics. Unfortunately this meant another DB wipe, but this is the last one of these.

    Change Highlights:
    • When you join the server now, it sends you a message with your current kills, caps, deaths, and points.
    • Added several new "Server Awards"
    • Added player specific profiles
    • Implemented search engine
    • Added mission history

    I can't work on it any more for a few days but I have plans to implement:
    • Mid Air tracking
    • More top 10 lists
    • Some sort of announcement to all players when a player with a server award joins the game
    • try to recover legacy data out of old database

    If you haven't checked it out yet, you need to! If you tried it before, you really need to check it out again!

    Server: Monkey Heaven
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