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  • *BUMP* Get your mug or some info on here. You have nothing to fear but Chuck Norris himself. *BUMP*
  • Well, I had to at some point. So for all 2 of you wondering what I look like, here I am.
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  • Bout time someone bumped this thread. Everyone's so afraid of the camera.
  • Well, I had to at some point. So for all 2 of you wondering what I look like, here I am.

  • Well, I had to at some point. So for all 2 of you wondering what I look like, here I am.

    You are quite dashing.
  • Nobody here actually knows me, mostly because since 2003 I have lived in only meltdown 2 servers.

    But anyways, I am 20 years old and I live in Virginia (when I don't live in meltdown) and I am going to school for my aviation degree. Hopefully one day I will be flying for major commercial airlines (that is my eventual goal). I have a 3.8 gpa right now, going to try and retake a few classes to get it back to 4.0, but I'm actually a fairly dumb person, I am just good at test taking. I am also planning on getting a motorcycle during the summer because I am somewhat of an adrenaline junky at times. If my aviation plans go down I plan on working with cars and driving fast.
    I am fairly mild mannered most of the time, and I will play base/classic/v2 if I feel like it and I recently have gotten more into sniping. If anyone has any tips, I am listening ;D Uhh, I really don't know what else to say...

    My gaming rig:
    Case: Antec 900
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 (3.16 ghz)
    RAM: 4GB Patriot Extreme DDR2 800
    HDD: 500GB Seagate Barracuda
    Video: ATI Radeon HD4850 512MB DDR3
    PSU: 600 Watt Modular
    Mobo: Gigabyte something or other.
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  • Nothing better for an adrenaline junkie than a bike. My dad's a biker and he's lost 3 buddies to bike crashes since thanksgiving. Have fun. :D
  • 0_o people have already tried talking me out of it =P As soon as I have a for sure apartment and enough money I am going to get one.
  • ah, this is were the stage was *taps microphone*

    Good evning ladies and gentlemen. I am your host for today and you can call me Earlgrey, Emil and if needed, daddy. I've been at T2 since 2001 and mostly hung out at either of the classic-katabaltic servers untill the mortifying death of the game. Been checking in on re-releases ever since and upon the discovery of tribes next I simply wet my pants, torched a church and phone all my imaginary/not-so-imaginary friends, atleast the ones that did enjoy tribes back in the days.

    Formely tagged as: Athos/Atrax
    From: Sweden
    Age: 23
    main trade: Taking my master in electronics at Faculty of Engineering at Lund University

    once uppon a time I were the ennoying abstard that whent for the flag and nothing else during an entire match, after some realisation that the game had much much more to offer then teh adrenaline of having 4 sweaty nerds trying to kill me with their discs I've been doing almost everything from laser-whoreing to solid base defence.

    Im still lacking in the midairs and a few points in heavy-movment, thus feel free to wack me on my as and try to learn this sadly slow brain of mine how it's done, should you ever come across me on goon haven or any given server.

    oh, pictures.. were on earth did I put them :-\

    on a beertrip on copenhagen

    last summer, during another beer trip in sweden

    also last summer, drunk at a beach while in my freshmen batter jedi-dress-thingy

    oh, and I like beer, if you havn't noticed. additionally, I can't spell to save my own life, cheers!
  • Where to begin...
    I started playing StarSiege after being prodded by a couple friends in junior high, somewhere around '99. I discovered Tribes (it was a bundle pack) shortly thereafter, and thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay (base and mods).
    Then along came Tribes 2, though I didn't get to play much due to parental restrictions on computer usage, and shitty dialup. Eventually we got high-speed, and I was able to play without random ISP droppage. Somewhere in high school, I transitioned from combat (base, Shifter, Meltdown2) to Construction, and scripting/coding...
    Still can't find another game to fill the niche that Tribes fulfills, so it looks like I'm hooked forever.

    Oh, and I guess you'll want a pic too...
  • edited May 2009

    The above pic is me. Yeah, I play paintball. "I'll be your huckleberry." Recently turned 50. Can out shoot, out last and out smacktalk most players on the field. ...and if I don't get ya, my partner will.
    Been a "gamer" for ages. Started in the late '70s with Avalon Hill board games. Luftwaffe was my favorite. Big into D&D through highschool and beyond. Eventually progressed into computer games starting with the C=64. Then came the CBM Amiga. I got into graphic arts with the Amiga systems, the games were, at the time, awesome. Then all hell broke loose when the wife and I bought a Compac PII. I picked up a game titled Starsiege Tribes. Big into the Playstation and PS2.
    During my nongaming hours, I run a small printshop, dabble with graphic arts, photography, play paintball and have recently started learning to play guitar. Got a massive record LP collection. I live in the sticks south of Lake Tahoe, CA with my 3rd wife, two cats, a dog and two hamsters.
    ...and no, I'm not gonna tell ya where the good fishing spots are. Unless you are gonna bring over beer, some buds and flop those trout on my grill...
  • I'm probably one of the older people here, and don't mind it. I was introduced to Star Sieige: Tribes in 1998 , then when T2 arrived I jumped into that too . I played the last incarnation , Tribes Vengeance, only last year , trying to assuage a need for jet packing and mid-air discs but to no avail . T2 as buggy as it was and laden with every 733l sniper script monkey born was still the most fun . The Modding community made the Tribes franchise what it was ..and to some degree what it still is .
    I was part of dev team that was making the T2 conversion of a T1 mod , Chivalry . That project was put in hiatus when the company went on to create another game . I talked to the creator of the Chiv mod a couple of weeks ago and he regrets not having completed it. C'est la vie .
    I live in the Great White North, in the heart of the Rocky mountains in a community of 20,000 or so . Lots to do other than game, lots of camping, golfing , fishing, cycling, etc . Lots of wildlife too .
  • Idk If I posted on this already..But I'm 18 years old recently got kicked out of school for missing 1/3 of the school year haha! I'm 5'9 190lbs, I love basketball,football,baseball, and fighting. I play games like Starcraft,Diablo2,Halo3,CoD4, and Rockband/GH games. I started playing Tribes 2 about 5-6 years ago when I discovered the demo..Then I quit for about 4-5 years and started back up with Demo again becuz no CD-Keys were left. I started on Full with the alias Mr. | Messenger given to me by my friend CuLeX and I've been playing off and on Since then. I'm on the TWL team 2012.
    If anyone wants to add me on XBOX LIVE my GamerTag is: Dying2BeLoved
  • robertom: No I am not rasta.

    "I am a HUGE metal head. Primarily technical death, if you listen to brutal metal we will become instant friends."

    Last rasta I met hated death metal. Some differences:
    Rasta / Me
    Rastas smell / I smell good
    Reggae / Anything but
    Dirty dreads / Clean dreads
    Believe in god / Not so much
    Smoke to be closer to god / Smoke to get high
    Don't have jobs / Fuck... I don't either..
    Don't play T2 / Play a fuckton of T2

    (created for humor only)
  • I feel a LITTLE more confident about myself after looking at some of the people here... Ha...

  • Whoops rofl..Its all massive..BUT! That's me right there! Taken not too long ago! Yeah yeah I know..I look Like i'm young as hell! but I'm 18 people! And don't say I look like a pretty boy..cuz I'm not.
  • And don't say I look like a pretty boy..cuz I'm not.
    I lol'd at this point haha
  • And don't say I look like a pretty boy..cuz I'm not.
    I lol'd at this point haha
    Haha, Why?!!
  • Haha, Why?!!
    Because you found it necessary to point out to us that you are not pretty. :P
  • Haha, Why?!!
    Because you found it necessary to point out to us that you are not pretty. :P
    Nah I'm just the sexiest person who plays T2 :)
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    Me, on the left... Riiiipped. Been MIA for a while. Hope to see you all soon.
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    This is me when the light hits me right... and when its a thurdays and i've had my cup of tea with one sugar cube in it when the sun is 13 degrees up above the horizon.

    Now stop masturbating
  • http://photos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs192.snc1/6454_1172499188792_1117385974_30517174_2805712_n.jpg

    Me, on the left... Riiiipped. Been MIA for a while. Hope to see you all soon.

    What's weird is that if you take out the last part of the url and just leave


    You get this:


  • My name is John, most ppl just call me Jopa for some reason lol, i use to play just geting back in to T2. Right now i am Navy. AV electronics expert.
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  • hi all, 31 years young here...Andy is the name.. ruffflemasn is a stoned and drunk riffleman.... Living in Belgium.
    The picture is made on a weekend trip to Hull UK....sipping on some Baileys :]
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